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Goes on...denglish ftw

You glance at your clock.  11 am it shows. Oh fuck. You get up and make yourself ready.

'just in time daisy ' your boss says with a smile. 'i'm not too late ' you grin and start to wait at table.

- 8 hours later - 9 pm -
' bye !' You say.
' byeee ' your crew answers.

- @mike's-
' daisy !' Mike smiles as you come in. He pauses battle field 4 and pulls you on his lap. 'hey mikey ' you smile.
You want to get off his lap or at least not sit with your whole weight on him. He doesn't let you go so you turn around on his lap, laying your legs down on each side of him.' How- how was your day ?' He asks. 'good yours?'
'Normal. ' he has his hands on your hips and pulls you back on his lap. ' you know that I don't give a shit 'bout your weight '
' but -' he interrups you with pecking your lips.
You kiss him. He grins into the kiss and mumbles a ' not sore anymore ? ' against your lips before he gets up, you around his waist. You (you 2) stumble in his room kissing eachother harshly. As mike throws you on the bed you're already naked. He still wears a boxer. He lays down next to you, kisses you softly as his hands play with your boobs. It's cold in the room but at the same time you can't breathe because its too hot. You moan as mike kisses your nipples, leaving hickeys here and there. Through his eyelashes he smiles at you, his hand going down touching you /there/. ' you're so wet ' he whispers huskily. ' for fucks sake  Michael!' You swear as he doesn't stop teasing you. He laughs. He laughs. How can he ?! Your hands were in his hair like the whole time and now you pull him nearer to you and kiss him. He kisses back, carefully biting your lower lip till his tongue and yours meet. He rolls you around so you're above him and he's under you. He has his hands on your waist and moves them slowly on his (waist). soon you could feel his penis through the thin material. He smiles as you release him from his boxer and rolls you two again so he's up again. 'Next time you're up ' he grins and thrusts into you without any Warning. You scream. He doesn't stop nor he gets slower or more careful. He more gets faster and makes you even more sore. You scratch his whole back open as both of you come at the same time.

'didn't I told you to use the salve ?' He asked as he sees how sore your skin is.
'You did but that does not mean that I do so ' you answer. Mike just takes a breath and takes the same salve out of his bedside table. ' I don't need any -'
' calm your tits darling. ' he mumbles and starts to scatter the salve on your sore skin. It's like a massage and after a while you really enjoy it.
Of course it end up in sex, tho this time orally.
The following days you had to work hard and you and mike didn't see eachother that much.
On Friday you're totally done and a little excited because you'll get a new boss. ' okay ' matt (bomer) claps in his hands and you all get together to stand in a half circle around him. ' so guys we've got a new boss, you all know Mr McCall died and in his testament he wants Mr Clifford to run this hotel now. So let's all say hello to our new boss !' Clifford. Der neue chef heist Clifford ?!  Es ist doch nicht - ein bunter Kopf kommt in den räum gestolpert. Genauso wie damals fällt Michael durch dir Tür, genauso wie damals lacht er leise und fährt sich durch die haare. Er trägt genau dasselbe hemd wie damals, nur heute ist es zugeknöpft und er trägt einen blazer dazu. '...yeah so to be honest I don't have any idea how to run this hotel, but I'll give my best and-' er guckt dich kurz verwirrt an. Dann schüttelt er leicht den Kopf und redet weiter ' uhm...ah it'd be really nice if one of you could...uhm show me round ?'
'er...yes okay so...daisy ? Would you do that ?' Du kannst schlecht Nein sagen, also nickst du und führst Michael rum.
'you look cute ' er versucht mit dir mitzuhalten. Du trägst einfach nur eine schwarze hose und ein weißes Hemd und dazu eine Weste. ' thanks. So here's the kitchen....' Du zeigst ihm alle Räume.
'..any questions ?'
'Not really' mike stützt seine arme auf beiden Seiten deines Körpers ab. 'will you come to mine later?' He wants to kiss your neck, but you don't let him. ' I have to work late today. '
' I could change that ' again he smirks.
'she doesn't want to go with us, I know it '
' I could change that'
' you couldnt '
' oh I could and I will change her mind '
You come in 'change whos mind ?' Fragst du. 'much luck' und kaya verschwindet in der Küche. Kat grinst dich an ' do you wanna go to with kaya and me ?'
'what kind of party?' Her grin makes you skeptical. ' uhm a concert....of ' du verdrehst die Augen. '5sos ?' Kat nervt mit ihrem crush on Ashton und die 'band' ist nicht mal annähernd bekannt.. 'pleaaaseee ' she tries to make a puppy face. 'they're free drinks and oh c'mon !'

-at the concert -
'cause good girls are bad girls that havent been caught ' der bunt, ja bunt, haarige Typ lächelt dich andauernd an.
Das Konzert ist vorbei und kat zieht dich und kaya mit sich. Schließlich landet ihr auf einem sofa mit den Jungs euch gegenüber. Kat unterhält sich ununterbrochen mit ash und kaya sich mit dem dunkelhäutigem. Die zwei anderen reden miteinander und du kommst dir irgendwie fehl am Platz vor. ' gotta go ' sagst du und gehst. Als du schon am Ende des flurs stehst, hoerst du, wie die Tür aufgerissen wird und aus dem augenwinkel siehst du wie der galaxy haarige fast hinfällt und dann zu dir joggt. 'you don't really have to go right ?' Er lächelt und fährt sich durch die haare. 'no, I'm just no fan of you and your band and I've got better things to do '
'like ?' He still grins like a idiot.
' none of your business '
'so you don't have any idea what to do...' He made a short pause ' what about going to maccas with me ? I'm starving ' you lift an eyebrow. ' I'm gonna pay ' now he lifts his eyebrows. ' okay' while you walk along he asks you a few things.
'well .. thanks '
' no thank you ' du stehst auf und willst gehen, wieder geht Michael dir hinterher. 'its dark. You shouldn't go home alone '
Du verdrehst die Augen und ignorierst ihn so gut es geht. 'okay by-' Michaels hands are on your hips. He kisses you.
-flashback Ende -
' yeah yeah I'm on my w- daisy ?!' Sebastian, ein azubi ist gerade fast ihn mikey und dich reingelaufen. ' what ?' You ask like as if mike and you weren't kissing and your blouse wasn't unbottoned as hell. 'uhm,uhm nothing...' Sebastian goes along and you button your blouse up. Meanwhile mike has gone to the kitchen, where he was talking to matt as you come in. It seemed like they're in a heated conversation. Whatever, Louisa asks you if you could help her and you do so.
' hello, do you already know what you want to drink? '
'yes a Pepsi'
'ice tea please '
' a water '
' apple ju-'
'hey daisy, you may go! ' seit wann macht matt das ? Und außerdem hast du noch 2stunden vor dir und hier ist es brechend voll. Du wendest dich wieder der 4köpfigen Familie zu und nachdem du sie bedient hast, scheucht matt dich praktisch raus. 'wtf is wrong ?'
' doesn't matter have fun on your date !' Matt smiles at you and continues cooking. (okay jetzt ist matt chefkoch) date? Seit wann hast du heute ein date ? Du machst dich fertig und gehst dann raus.
Als du in deine Wohnung kommst riechst Du schon das chinesische essen/fastfood/die ham&cheeseburger .
'hey Clifford '
'daisy ' mike mumbles and swallows his pizza slice. sit down next to him and stare at his lower lip. You were right. He's got a lip piercing. 'hungry ?' He asks playing with his lip-ring and offers you a slice of pizza. ' nope '
' well I am ..' he smirks and kisses you. A few seconds later he lays above you. The cold metall makes you shiver while he places hickeys on your skin and as you scratch his back open he moans a bit. ' I missed that ' he mumbles and pulls your jeans down.
* Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it

Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But chains and whips excite me *
2 days later
Sunday morning. You wake up next to mike who took like the whole space of your bed. Just wearing a shirt of him you got over to the bathroom and lay back down afterwards. Humming a  'hmmm' Michael pulls you nearer to his and lays his head down to your neck so his hair and his breath tickle you. (your back against his belly) you decide to turn around and so you do. Leaning your head against his chest you fall asleep again.

' hellooooo? Anyone home ? ' you hear Kat in your house. ' fuck it ! You're not still sleeping are you ?! It's 6 pm !' Steps come near your door. ' hnhh who's that ?' Mike mumbles in a deep voice. ' Kat...I have to get my keys back.' You answer and peck his lips. Your room is locked as always. 'daisy I know you're awake and Im sorry for..  whatever but I just wanted to know how you are and idk...kaya wants to come over too...I mean you don't you wanna come out? ' while Kat was talking mike was kissing you, his hand slowly going up and down your spine making you shiver.
He starts to leave hickeys on your neck, your boobs. Left sweet kisses on your belly, kissing his way towards your clit. His labret making everything more intensive. Holding one of your hands he licks you /there/ and stops every time you just breath a little louder. It goes on like this for a while, Kat was still in your house and kaya came in too. Both knocked on the door, but mike and you kept ignoring them. You keep moving under him, swearing like hell and he just smiles. 'stop smiling and fuck me yo-' he interrupts you with a kiss. 'you should be a little more quiet of you don't want your friends to know what We're doin' he whispers and takes the handcuffs of the floor. He leaves some kisses on your jaw and neck and suddenly slammed in you. You scream. You want to scratch his back so badly as he thrusts into you again and again. Now kat hits against your door again, saying things like she fucking hates you and you should stop fucking and that she's not like close enough to want to know about that and many euuwwws and kaya who tries to calm her down.
' we should repeat that ' mike says breathless after you both came and he's holding you in his arms again. Kat and kaya went home again, or at least Kat stopped talking.
-zeitsprung 1 tag- also Montag jetzt-
Um 4 trefft ihr, beziehungsweise die Abteilungsleiter sich in Neil's Büro. (neil is Dein chef; sagen wir er sieht aus wie Neil p harris) Da matt heute krank ist, gehst du schnellvertretend für ihn (zu dem Treffen). Als du den Raum betrittst herrscht ein reges durcheinander.
' okay , ladies ! ' ruft Neil und murmelt ein 'and gentlemen' . Die anderen hören auf zu reden und wenden sich alle mit gebanntem Blick auf Neil. ' you all met our new boss and I wanted to hear your opinion to him and tell you then what he planned to change ...' Again everyone starts to talk, but as kinga (putzkolone) , who really talkes loudly says ' yeah well I think he has no style ' the others look at her and share her opinion. 'Who wants a skunk/ *streifenhoernchen* as boss ' lacht Taylor (swift) (rezeption) und bald lästern sie alle über mike. 'i wonder if someone so ugly like him even gets a gf ' lacht Amy (green) grade und aleisha stimmt ein. 'well itd be his gfs fault' bemerkt Lucy (kaufmann). 'If he has a gf I'm really sorry for her ' murmelt Caroline (flack) und unterhält sich dann mit biannca und Paige darüber, welche komplexe und Probleme seine Freundin haben würde.
'hey ! Hey girls ! ' Neil wartet, aber es kehrt keine ruhe ein. ' ladies ! You're right BUT ...' And he starts to talk about what Mr Clifford wants to change and what not and why, but he says it in such an ironical way that every compliment Neil gives mike is like the exactly opposite.
Michaels PoV
'uhm....I don't get it '
'you...Michael! Okay so bus-'
'why should I even know this ?'
' because you have to run a hotel now. '
'couldn't I just let you run it ?' I mumble,pulling daisy on my lap.
'you would let me run this hotel ?'
'course ' I leave a hikey on her neck and smile. My piercing is still new for me, but I like it though. Daisy turns around, kisses me and presses her hip against mine. She's Satan. 'so again, business is...' I first look at her with a 'fuckin' serious?!' Face but she just talks on so I let my head fall back (so in den Nacken ya know?). 'you're even listening to me ?!'
'uhm yeah yeah talking about business and....stuff....? '
She lifts an eyebrow in disbelieve. 'and what did I just say?' Wow I wish I'd know that. 'uhm...' I clear my throat and say with a grin 'that We'll fuck after you ended talking ?'
She laughs and says '(voll einfallsreich nh) first you have to know what business is , if you don't week without sex '
'you couldn't bear that '
' sure ?' She asks and lifts an eyebrow while pressing her hip again against mine. 'sure ' I mumble and wanna kiss her, but she doesnt let me and starts to talk about business again.
Daisys PoV- timestep
You just wanna leave, its Saturday evening and you, Georg, kaya and stiles wanted to meet up, but Neil stops you. 'hey,daisy. '
You say briefly 'hi' and walked on. Neil walked beside you. 'how are you? you look good ' what the hell does he want?! '..may I buy you a coffee?' Ah, ja nee. 'no. I gotta go now, bye!' You hurry and just catch your bus.

'daisy you're drunk, go hoome ' kaya says while leaning against stiles. 'kaya, you ARE drunk. Go home ' you laugh and take another shot. 'i- I'm gonna call mikey...' She stutters and stiles just shakes his head. 'See you guys ' he smiles and takes kayas hand.

As you come home you actually just wanna lay down and sleep, but theres a real mad looking Michael on your couch, who just hang up your phone.

Samstag, 9. November 2013

' I told you not to ' he moans. In this very moment you're giving him a blowjob, but you don't let him come. He takes you at your shoulders ,lays you down on the carpet you just knelt on and fucks you. Hard. With  Every hit he makes the carpet gets warmer and makes your skin sore. As you finally come  you scream his name leaving red stripes on his back.

You wake up alone. Next to your clock on the bedside table lays a healing tube and a piece of paper. You need a moment to read Michaels handwriting.
' morning sweetie, hope you slept well :)
I had to go but if you want to you can come over to mine later Xx

Ps: use the salve

Mikey '

And it goes on...I want feedback

It felt good, his middle and index finger inside of you. His thumb massaging your clit. You moan as he stops. ' my turn ' he mumbles taking his fingers out of you. He takes your hand and places it on his D. As you start pleasuring him he  goes on pleasuring you. You tease him. 'you shouldnt do that ' he growls. 'do what ?' You ask smiling. Again Michael stops. He turns you around and sits up. Now you sit on his lap and you could feel his penis. ' you shouldn't tease me. ' he warns you.
' but I do, so what will you do ?' You whisper back. 'we'll see '.
Now you're under him again. Mike takes your bra off and then slowly kisses his way down from your boobs to your clit. You couldn't help but shiver. Mikey starts kissing you on/at your thighs. Your right leg, your left leg and so on. Till he landed /there /. You could see his big grin and a few seconds later he licks you /there/ leaving soft kisses on your skin. You flinch as he makes use of his tongue. You wanchted to put your legs together, but mike stopped you. Again he teases you, but this time you can tease him back.

Freitag, 8. November 2013

Es klingelt. Du öffnest die Tür und wirst gegen die wand gedrückt. Seine Hände liegen auf deinem arsch, während er dich fordernd küsst. Seine Hände gehen tiefer und du springst ihm um die Hüfte. Er presst dich wieder gegen die wand,zieht dein shirt aus und verteilt küsse auf deinem Körper. Es sind eigentlich mehr hikeys. Du vergräbst deine Hände in seinem gefärbtem Haar und whine quietly as he  bites in your sore skin. You could feel his smirk as you take his shirt off, placing kisses and hikeys on his neck. He pulls you closer to his, moaning softly. A few seconds later he throws you on your bed. He takes his jeans off. Now he's only wearing his boxers. He removes your jeans. Smiling as he sees you just in a bra and panties. He takes your hands and holds them above your head while kissing you from the corner from your lips to your breasts.
He leaves some more lovebites on your skin what makes you shiver. He releases your hands. ' leave them there ' he mumbles. His hand first stops at your boob. Kissing you behind your ear his hand slips in your panties. Gently he starts rubbing you /there/. He pecks your lips , his hand gets faster. You try not to, but you moan quietly. He smirks. Kissing you again softly but short. You wanted him to kiss you right. You wanted him to stop teasing you. You lift your hands, holding his head while kissing him. ' I said leave your hands there ' he said. After searching his jeans and removing the belt from it he ties you up. He starts teasing you again. His fingers moving quickly, but every time you came close he stopped. ' for fucks sake, mike ' you couldn't breathe normal. Mikes grin grew. You kissed again, carefully he bites your lip. His fingers again in you. ' Michael !' You moan. He takes his fingers out of you. ' suck' he tells you. ' I won'-' his fingers putting in your mouth he makes you shut up. ' suck ' he says again.
He looks you in the eye and smiles as you start to suck. ' good girl ' he replaces his fingers with his lips kissing you softly. You yell as he thrusts into you. Your hands are still tied up ,not able to scratch his back or sth like that. 'scream my name. ' he says. 'Remove the belt ' you answer. Mike just smirks and thrusts deeper in you. You scream.

' your wrist looks bad.'
' I'm fine '
mike lays on his back, holding you tight to him (So your back at his chest ) .
'Really ? ' his voice got deeper. 'we could go for another round..'
He let your hands go. His hand lands at your thighs going up and down there. Teasing you. You lay your head against his chest enjoying what he does with you.

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mir ist grad eben aufgefallen, dass ich noch gar nix zu ihm geschrieben hab... also hier isses :)

James Anderson

- hat eine (halb-)Schwester, Blake (15)

- Vater ist Musikproduzent, Mutter auf Achse

Lower Manhatten (W Houston St)


- gut in Sport und Musik
- hasst Sprachen

-wird als Player bezeichnet, sucht aber nur die Richtig und macht sofort Schluss, wenn er merkt das sie es nicht ist
- Single

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Kapitel 10

Wow schon 10 Kapitel *-* :DD ich hoffe euch/ dir gefällts :) aso jaaa bald stell ich's auf Wattpad oder so...aber ich schreib's dann hier auch noch rein :)) 

uhmm damit ihr euch nicht wundert, ich hab Jade, Sally und James irgendwie vernachlässigt und das geht da weiter, wo Jade das letzte mal vorkam (Kapitel 5) sie hatte grad Schulschluss


Jade's PoV

Ich kam schon gestresst nach hause, ist ja nicht so, als ob Matt kommen würde... (Ironie:) Neeeein bloß nicht und deshalb schön viele Hausaufgaben. Ayda, meine Schwester war, wie immer bei einer Freundin, wodurch ich besser aufräumen konnte. Dummerweise hatte ich das bisher immer aufgeschoben, weil Taylor mir ihre Hilfe versprochen hatte , aber dann hatten wir uns gestritten, was mir nun sehr Leid tut aber mich als Bitch zu bezeichnen geht ja wohl gar nicht!
Bevor ich anfing aufzuräumen, aß ich noch etwas, da wir nichts mehr im Kühlschrank hatten, musste ich erst was kochen. Schnell machte ich mir Instant- Nudeln, die sehr gut für so ein schnelles Essen schmeckten. Beim Kochen drehte ich die Musik auf, die ich auch beim Staubwischen,Saugen, Bad-putzen und Nasswischen anließ. Ich konnte nicht ohne Musik und genau in solchen Augenblicken wie diesen, in denen ich Streit mit Freunden habe und mich schwach und miserabel fühlte, brauchte ich Power-Songs.
Nach geschlagenen 2 1/2 Stunden Putzen, war ich zufrieden, ich bin kein Perfektionist aber es sollte schon gut aussehen. Ich schaute nochmal auf die Uhr, halb 5. Erschöpft warf ich mich auf die Couch, in einer halben Stunde würde meine Schwester kommen. Während ich mich, verdienterweise, ausruhte, machte ich den Fernseher an . Allerdings betrachtete ich kaum die Sendung, die lief, sondern konzentrierte mich viel mehr auf meinen Laptop. Matt schrieb mich an

Matt: Hey, babe ;)

Ich: Heyy :*

Matt: Schon aufgeräumt? ^^ :D

Ich: Jap :P Warum?

Matt: Ich komme früher :))

Ich: Wie ? *-*

Ich setzte mich auf

Matt: uhmmmm :D

Erwartungsvoll wartete ich auf eine richtige Antwort.

Ich: Wann kommst du? *~*

Matt: So...gegen 6? :) <3

Ich las um die zehn mal durch, was er geschrieben hatte, bevor ich antwortete

Ich: Heuteeeee? *_______* ♥♥♥

Matt: Jap <3 bis dann :**

und dann war er offline. Ich war vollkommen aus dem Häuschen, als Ayda kam. Sie ging hoch in ihr Zimmer und spielte. Ich ging duschen und setzte mich dann eine viertel Stunde vor meinen Kleiderschrank, auf der Suche nach dem richtigem Outfit.